10 Ways to Keep Your Penis perfectly healthy

Aging is an inevitable process. It may imbue men with traits like laugh lines, gravitas, and confidence, the thing women find attractive. However, the time effect on the penis is a different story. Studies have shown that men above 40 tend to face erection problems. The color of their penis change, there is a decrease in the size and they are unable to retain their erection for long.

These are common problems, but you don’t have to worry about them. The good news is that you can ensure that your penis ages slowly by following some healthy tips. Besides these healthy ways, you have an option of penis extender. In order to find out how this penis extender can help you, all you need to do is Google.

How to Keep your Penis Healthy

Below are 10 effective ways to keep your penis healthy and maintain a strong erection.

Maintain your Weight: When it comes to penis health, obesity is a big threat. The abdominal fat converts the male hormone, testosterone into the female hormones, estrogen.

Minimize Stress: Stress leads to excretion of two hormones, Adrenaline, and cortisol. Both of these play a negative role when it comes to penis health.

Eat Smart: Poor choice of food can clog arteries preventing proper blood flow to the penis, thus affecting its health.

Avoid Smoking: Tabaco can narrow the blood vessels reducing the proper flow of blood to the penis. So, avoiding smoking can have a positive impact on your penis’ health.

Exercise: Exercise reduces stress, prevents fatigue, improves mood and has a remarkable effect on your sex life.

Sleep Well: If you have not slept well, your penis is going to take the burnt. The entire hormonal system is upside down.

Strengthen your Pelvic Floor Muscles: These muscles play a vital role in the rejection and ejaculation of the penis. Do exercise that targets these muscles. The stronger these muscles are, the healthier your penis will be.

Eat Spicy:  A study conducted in France showed that men who eat spicy food have a higher level of testosterone. Thus, they tend to face fewer penis problems.

Stay Sexually Active: Studies have shown that men who are more sexually active tend to face less penis related problems as they age.