Cancer Prevention: 8 Tips To Reduce Your Risk

Cancer is dangerous and life-threatening. Here are a few things that you can do to prevent cancer.

Do not smoke

Smoking and using tobacco products are harmful and are the most common cause of cancers. This increases the risk of lung cancer. Deciding to quit to smoking could save your life.

Second-hand smoke

It is equally dangerous to indulge in second-hand smoking as well. When you are sharing space with someone who smokes that equally exposes you to many health hazards. It is important to keep your home and your workplace free of smoke that helps to reduce your exposure to second-hand smoke.


It is important that you maintain a healthy body weight to reduce the risk of cancers. People who have a healthy weight and live on nutritional diet and exercise tend to lower the chances of cancer.


It is important to be physically active. It is important to indulge in at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. When you are physically fit then it improves your lifestyle and reduces the risk of cancer.

Healthy diet

Limit the consumption of food that has a high sugar and salt content and includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet to reduce the risk of cancer.


The acceptable limits of alcohol are fine but take care to not drink in excess. Not drinking alcohol at all is the best but if you drink then limit the intake of alcohol.

Exposure to sun

Skin cancer is common because of exposure to the sun. So try to avoid the direct sun rays and use sun protection whenever stepping out in the sun


Stay away from the pollutants that cause cancer especially the ones that you may expose to in your workplace.

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