7 Reasons Why Working Too Much Is Bad For Your Health

Regular late night or extra shifts, leaving office after the rest may boost your paycheck and bring a lot of attention to your work, but your health is taking the toll for all the extra hours you put in. here’s what working too much does to your health.

  • Reduces productivity: Human beings are not wired to be productive every minute of the day. Slowly, your brain starts slowing down, reducing productivity and causing lethargy.
  • Your relationships are a mess: The biggest cause of stress is problem in our personal lives. Exceedingly spending time at work can mess up your relationships and cause your cortisol levels to hike up constantly, damaging your heart.
  • You lose focus when you really need it: You cannot expect to perform at your peak when you are sleep deprived and distracted. Overuse of electronic devices impacts and impairs normal brain function, making us fidgety and affecting concentration.
  • Your back and neck hurts: The effect of prolonged sitting in the office will be eminent in your back and neck, even bringing in early spondylitis.
  • Daytime fatigue: Another side effect of sleep deprivation is daytime fatigue. While you are working on the spreadsheets and strategy reversal forex, your body and mind will refuse to intercept the information. It’s the effect of having parts of your brain shutting down to recharge.
  • Mental health issues: Too much work is linked with stress, elevated heartrate and disturbed sleep, which can bring a myriad of mental health issues. As a disease, mental health issues always get overlooked and underrepresented. It could spring depression, alcoholism etc. in individuals.
  • Obesity: Working long hours implies you are losing out on exercises, maybe even looking at the computer screen while you commute. All this leads to obesity.