5 Things Your Period Can Reveal About Your Health

No matter which health aspect you measure as a male or female, all activities happening inside your body speak a lot about your overall health status. From high blood pressure to sugar and cholesterol to chronic pains, all these health conditions indicate that something is definitely wrong or maybe not happening according to a defined course in our body. Same is the case when we talk about menstruation in a female’s body.

The menstruation cycle occurs in a female body once a month when the egg released from the ovaries is not fertilized. It breaks apart and the thick layer of the uterus starts shedding out of the body along with blood. Having regular periods are an indication that the woman’s body is healthy and she would likely not be facing any major issues while trying to conceive.

However, when there are irregular periods or any other kind of discrepancy in the cycle, it signifies that there is definitely something wrong in our body. Let’s find out what all conditions generally occur during periods and what it suggests about our health.

How periods reveal our health conditions

  • The release of red blood: If the blood flowing out of the body during periods is red in color, there is generally no need to worry. It means that the blood is fresh and the body is processing the flow correctly.

  • Brownish blood: In case the blood flowing out is brownish, it indicates that it is comparatively older blood that has got oxidized. Here too you need not panic.

  • Clotting: If you experience clotting, do not worry. It is common to see blood clots during periods. Just refer a doctor only when the clothes get way to big or much during periods.

  • Irregular periods: In the case of irregular periods, your body is either suffering from PCOS, stress or other hormone issues. Simply avoid stress and get your hormone levels checked.

  • Heavy cramps: Experiencing way too strong cramps can be an indication of endometriosis. Normal cramps are fine, but if you feel too painful, see your doctor without any delay.

If you feel that there is any kind of abnormality in your menstrual cycle, do not hesitate to see a doctor as it will be having a significant impact on your health. Feel in the best of your health and browse across cum swing with me for a brilliant experience.…