Running With Your Dog: 10 Dos and Don’ts

Running with your furry friend can be a great exercise for both you and him. however, you need to avoid certain mistakes that can hurt both of you.

Here Is What You Should Do

  1. Run regularly, so that both of you get a good exercise on a regular basis
  2. Run on safe roads to ensure you don’t meet with an accident or put yourselves in danger
  3. Wear proper running shoes to ensure you get good support while running
  4. Check your god’s paws if he is limping or refuses to run along, as usual, to rule out wounds
  5. Choose a terrain that is dog-friendly so that your dog is not strained too much or put in any danger
  6. Ensure both of you get sufficient rest after a good run or a long day. Invest in some Best Nesting Dog Cave Beds to ensure your friend gets a good comfortable sleep
  7. Follow a healthy diet for both of you to ensure you have enough energy and body is not strained too much
  8. Run with others as more the company, more fun it will be and both of you can get some friends
  9. If you are running on the beach, ensure the surface is clean and is not filled with broken glass or plastic
  10. Hydrate yourselves after the run

Here Is What You Should Not Do

  1. Run on rough terrains that might cause either or you to slip and pull the other one for balance, hurting both in the process
  2. Run on bare feet as it might lead to some wound and eventually cause infection
  3. Run on too hot a surface as it might hurt your dog’s feet that have no shoes on
  4. Run on an empty stomach for long as it might do more harm than good
  5. Ignore your dog’s whines or barks if it is not usual of him to do so
  6. Let him run loose on the roads as he might be hit by a vehicle
  7. Leave him without a collar as he might be mistaken for a stray
  8. Take him to place filled with stray dogs as he might be bitten
  9. Leave him unattended as he might get abducted or hurt
  10. Encourage him to scare other people or dogs just because he is bigger