The Health Outcomes and Related Effects of Using Social Media

According to health experts sitting down has replaced smoking. There are a myriad of diseases that are linked to sitting. It is one of the worst things we can do for our health. Social media has driven up the number of hours we stay engaged to our phones and tablets and laptops, the hours we keep sitting idly.

  • Diseases: Some of the diseases linked to prolonged sitting are eye problems: from concentrating on device screens for long hours, fatigue: lack of oxygen flow, carpal tunnel syndrome: from repetitive hand movements, distraction: surfing between different mediums, and lack of exercise which causes obesity.
  • Addictiveness: Even though there is still not complete agreement on whether the internet is addictive, but it indeed has create a certain level of detachment in us. The result of this is a neglect for one’s personal life, rapid mood fluctuation, causing intolerance and concealing the behavior purporting addiction in people who are prone to using social media for extended period of time.
  • It causes depression: All those selfies, and pictures that we share on social media, yet research shows people actively engaging in it are in it for the momentary rush of serotonin from the happiness that is only momentarily. Likes and retweets have replaced our self-belief and controls our moods on a daily basis.
  • Emotional health issues: Self media is a place where people are constantly comparing each other’s lives online. Which means they become socially isolated and fall into an addictive taint of constantly following other people’s pages and making snap judgements from the pictures or statuses they upload. Receiving more twitter followers through Wo Twitter Folower kaufen is quickly replacing real human interaction and the touch of compassion from in person conversations.