Health Mistakes to Stop Making By Age 30

Due to the overall change in lifestyle young people are under increased risk of getting cardio and related diseases.  Many of us think that health care is needed only when we reach the age of 50.  But these days one should start a healthy life and stop doing those health mistakes by 30.  Read on to know the health mistakes people should stop making by age 30:

Adding weight:  Women gain sudden weight due to maternity and never have time to reduce weight due to child caring responsibilities.  In certain countries, post maternity they are given high-fat foods to regain strength.  Men are under the notion that they can contribute time to daily work out in a gym or tennis when they are single.  They give up these once they are married.  Also, hormones and physical changes result in weight gain from the 30s.  Both men and women do not bother about the weight gain and stop checking it at the initial stage.

Unhealthy eating:  We all think that we can continue the same type of diet as age advances.  People think about avoiding sugar only after getting diabetes.  Truth is the precautions should be taken right from the 30s.  We do not stop eating junk food containing high calories.  All those pizzas, French fries and confectionery items will go directly to block those artery veins.  People commit the mistake of never stopping these and saying, ‘Hello Keto Diet’.

Ignoring master check-ups:  We think that master health check-up is needed only after the age of 50.  People lack awareness of various health disorders that can be avoided while in 50 by taking proper precautions while in the 30s.

Not exercising:  An increased family and career responsibility does not provide one with the time to do daily exercise.  Few are lethargic and try to postpone exercising.

Ignoring health priorities:  Starting from the age 30 people run behind money, career growth, kids’ education, asset building etc.  They ignore health priorities.

Ignoring symptoms:  People easily ignore symptoms of a few health issues which start at the age 30.